History of Redfish

Our mission at Redfish is to advance the brands of our clients by providing timely, cost effective user-centered design leadership. Redfish Product Development clients are loyal because we help them identify opportunities for innovation that resonate with consumer needs. We are a strategic partner for our clients in the areas of design and development, bringing value to companies in a variety of industries, including: medical, consumer, sporting goods, toy, juvenile, laboratory and telecommunications. We have de-centralized the business model of product development by only bringing the appropriate disciplines to the table, skill specific to the needs of our clients.
— Lars Christian Fischer

Redfish was co-founded in 2009, merging user-centered design solutions with a strong understanding of applied anthropometrics (the knowledge of the human dimension applied to product development) and product semeiotics (the meaning behind the visual language of objects) tied to brand recognition, providing dynamic design leadership and delivering state of the art design solutions.

Redfish Today

Redfish is a full service product development firm, committed to building loyal clients by developing identifiable opportunities for innovation that resonate with consumer needs. Close examination of user behaviors makes it possible to develop products that directly answer user needs. By observing and analyzing social patterns, Redfish achieves innovative solutions that tie the user emotionally to the product, and appeal to the user on a visceral level. Redfish achieves this goal by aligning all core constituents around a helical development team model, where design is used as the catalyst, transforming concepts into workable and profitable realities, thus designing high-impact strategic plans.

Mini Redfish logos were 3D printed by Makerbot's 3D printer on Newbury Street, Boston, MA.