HSE6000 : Body worn communication encryption 

Secure Radio Headset and Telephone Encryption for Secure Voice

Challenges:  Ruggedized Electronics, Water Proof 

Users: Military, State Police, Border Patrol

HSE 6000 provides proven secure voice Land Mobile Radio, telephone and conferencing communications for public safety and special operations, including police, special forces, border control, aircrew when on the ground, covert agent and private security. HSE 6000 secure radio headset and telephone encryption for secure voice operates with most radios (including handheld and squad radios and any headset/handset) and all radio band frequencies. It is also lightweight, battery-powered, fits in a pocket and simple to use.

Phase 1:

Discovery / Concept Ideation 

Redfish gathered all necessary information about the project. We identified and defined all the connectors and components. Initially we will seek to define on overall form factor schematic based on using the existing board set. 

We will produce a series of concepts each of which will comply to the various product requirements. These concepts will be presented as illustrations defining the overall product aesthetic and functionality. Accompanying each concept we will have a Urethane foam model affording us the ability to fully experience each submission. Since this is a body worn object as well as a handheld each concept needs to be considered 3 dimensionally. 

Inspiration Images

Concept Sketching

Phase 2 & 3:

Concept Refinement and CAD Development

Redfish take the feedback given after phase 1 and develop a refined concept illustration and revised foam model for evaluation. Preliminary CAD data will also be initiated at this point to further refine the overall geometry. Accompanying the overall aesthetic illustrations we will also provide an exploded view which will highlight intended mode of assembly and list of all components of the enclosure. 

Redfish will create a SolidWorks database reflecting the entire assembly of components for the body worn peripheral. BOM as we understand it today: 

• Upper Housing • Lower Housing • Front I/O Panel • Rear I/O Panel • Gaskets • Plain/Cipher mechanical latch 

Goal at the end of this phase is to produce a single rapid prototyped (RP) unit for evaluation. We will begin vendor qualification at this time. 

Phase 4:


Bonus Project: Softgood Radio Holster